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We try to provide the best facilities to our customers.
We are striving to improve and frequently update so that customers do not find us last updated.
Our website is safe and transparent, but we try to solve those issues if you still find some problems.  

What makes different from other websites? 

If you are in medical issues and want to know something about drugs, it is better to understand that drug and review it.
You should have clear information about the medicine you will use.
We aim to provide content based on information that the patients require, including side effects, precautions, and warnings.
It provide content in a non-technical form so that any typical person can understand it in a better way.
The contents are scrutinized thoroughly before publishing.  

Is the information available on authentic? 

Yes, we try to deliver authentic content to all the customers.
It scrutinize before publishing on our page.
If any content has some misinformation, we try to update it as soon as possible.
Our team thoroughly researches all the content available on our page.
All the information available on the page is based on FDA, pharmaceutical companies, and various other agencies.
We are improving daily and trying to explore new things to provide the best facilities to our customers.  

Can I ask any medical questions on 

We do not take any medical questions. If you have any dilemmas, we recommend you ask your healthcare provider.
What are the available hours to buy any product?
We are open 24*7, so you can buy anytime, and we will deliver your product to your doorsteps.  

How can I contact 

There is an About Us section on our website where you can browse and contact us via mail or phone.  

Is the quality of medicines safe? 

It try to deliver the best quality of medicine.
We thoroughly check the expiration date of the medicine twice before shipping and before packaging.
So, do not worry about the condition of the medicines.
We sell only government-licensed products. recommends any medications. 

No, we do not recommend any medications. We only deliver products to your doorsteps.  

Why is the picture displayed on the website changed from the natural tablets and capsules? 

It always try to deliver the best information because we know the value of transparency between the customers and the company.  

We try to provide the best image to you but sometimes the manufacturers change color, size, and shape. However, the color, size, and shape may vary, but the medicine’s composition is unchanged.  

Before delivering any product, we check all the active ingredients present in the medicine so that you can get the best facility from our side.  

Can I buy medicines without prescriptions? 

We deliver medicines with or without prescriptions.
If any medicine does not require a prescription like flu medicines or any general form of drugs, we deliver these medicines without prescriptions.  

However, if any medicine requires prescriptions, we need a doctor’s directions to deliver any prescribed drugs.