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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

By using our website, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in our privacy policy. It is necessary to read the privacy policy, and by using our website, you give us consent to collect, use, and disclose the provided information as explained in the privacy policy section.

Privacy policy details about the information we collect from our audience for using. Points to remember are:

  • The privacy policy mentioned over here is only related to the information collected and provided through our website
  • We identify and use the IP address of the visitors on our site for marketing and creating a better user experience.
  • We would use the information provided by our visitors to understand them and provide relevant content.
  • We do not get involve in sell the personal information of our users to third partie. However, we might share it with third partie if they have help us reach the audience. In such a situation, we make sure that the third party does not use or disclose the information of our visitors.

Changes in the Privacy Policy of our website:

We have the right to change the Privacy Policy of our website as and when need. It is the responsibility of our users to stay updated with the disclaimer and privacy policy of the site.

Web cookies:

Cookie are text data available in the form of bit which are sent by the server to the computer of the user and later retrieve. Our website uses these cookies for navigate the site and promote relevant contents. Change can be made in the browser set for refuse cookie. Once this is done, no information will be collecte regard the user. But, keep this in mind, once cookie are refuse in the browser setting, then the chance are that some part of our site does not run properly.

Personal information:

As already mentione, we would collect the personal information of our user. It is for enhance the user experience and specifical provide what is need. We identify and use the IP address of the visitor of our site for marketing purpose. We automatical collect the following information regard your visit to the site:

  • The IP address of the system being use.
  • The domain name of the network being use for access the internet.
  • Date and time of the visit to the website
  • The time duration for which the site was use/accesse
  • The pages you visit

This information could be disclose if need for any valid legal process or government request. Any data collect by us or on our behalf, relate to the site or its content when use by any user shall remain our sole property.

We can also use the data gather from the users in a way which is not recognize by individual or organizations, for improve the sites, be it quality, research, or even benchmarking. The information about our user could also be share with third partie for provid a better user experience.