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Shipping Policy

Ambieninfo.org, on behalf of its own and their affiliate company, is the original author of the shipping policy. We will provide you some basic information on how we ship these products and the shipping policies.  

Some general information  

  • All the information related to products like transaction receipts and confirmation mail of any product delivery are sent to your registered mail.  
  • We try to deliver your product in 1-2 days after the products are processed.  
  • The shipping options will be available according to the product’s availability and
    urgency of the procurement of the medicine. If you want to prioritize your product,
    you can contact us from our website ambieninfo.org  
  • We do not deliver any product without prescriptions.  
  • We try to deliver at the correct time; however, the product can get delayed due to unavoidable circumstances like unavailability.  

Issues related to delivery, dispatch, and tracking of any product  

  • If any product is dispatched, you will receive a confirmation mail. You will receive a confirmation mail with a tracking ID.
    You can track your product by using that ID.  
  • The dispatch duration of any product is 1-2 days, and if there is a delay in the shipping of any product due to circumstances,
    we will try to remove that obstacle.  
  • If your product is delayed due to a third party,
    we will try to remove those obstacles.  
  • You can contact us directly if you find any other issues.  

Shipping rates 

All the rates of the product are visible on the website.
All the shipping rates with surcharges are displayed on the website. 

There are no unknown costs, and we try to give transparency to our customers.  

If any shipping charges change, we will amend them and update the website.
We suggest all the customers check our website regularly.  

How are products shipped?

All the items are shipped in discreet packaging with more than one box.
Some medicines will arrive at your doorsteps with their cartons.  

Some more information on shipping policies  

We do not ship any products that are hazardous without prescriptions.  

We do not ship hazardous medicines from the flight as this medicine,
will be worthless or cause issues with your body.
We only sell in the USA and try to deliver the best facilities. 

Delivery time 

Delivery time varies with every product due to the availability of the medicine,
geographical locations, the time delivered by the person, and your shipping destination.  

You have to enter the pin code of your area and accordingly the delivery time visible on the website.  

Delivery costs 

We aim to promote transparency between the customers and the company.
We take minimal delivery charges to the products. However, the delivery charges depend on the product cost.
We incur the shipping charges on the low-cost products, and accordingly, we provide delivery charges.  

Product unavailability  

If any product is unavailable, our website will display it.
The website will mention out of stock or unavailability.  


If you require to cancel any order, you can refer to the cancelation and refund policy.