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Michael Johan

Michael Johan
December 17, 2021

Michael Johan is good at what he does. He’s friendly, smart, and passionate about his work. He is thorough and makes sure the customer is happy before leaving the shop. I just wanted to say thank you. It was a bit skeptical and nervous about buying this product based on the reviews, however after my first week with it I can tell that it’s been a huge game changer for me. We had a great experience using Timeless Works. They made the process easy and were able to complete the job on time!


I am so happy that I came across this website. This is an awesome platform and the best way to order a custom shirt. I have always been impressed with the quality of service and professionalism of Thomas. He is so knowledgeable, yet never condescending. He always goes above and beyond to help me make informed decisions regarding my health and wellness